Let Coggin Toyota perform your next Multi-Point Inspection

Taking your vehicle in for service is often like going to the doctor for a routine checkup. If your car is having problems, it may be the human equivalent to the flu. It just goes to show how similar cars are, and while their blood may be made up of oil and gasoline, taking care of your car is still a very important task. Neglect to take care of yourself or your car, and you could be staring down some pretty expensive bills.

Services Offered

Multi-point inspections vary by individual vehicle, but can include:

Fluids Inspected and Replenished

  • Brake master cylinder
  • Coolant
  • Clutch master cylinder (manual transmission)
  • Differential
  • Power steering (if equipped)
  • Transfer case (4WD models)
  • Transmission
  • Windshield washer

Items Visually Inspected

  • Air filter
  • Axle boots (damage/leaks)
  • Clutch master cylinder (manual transmission)
  • Drive belts (cracking/damage/wear)
  • Exhaust system/muffler
  • Hoses (cracking/leaks)
  • PCV valve (if applicable)
  • Shock absorbers/suspension
  • Tire pressure (check and adjust)
  • Tire wear
  • Windshield wipers

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