Let Coggin Toyota perform your next Air Conditioning Recharge

A vehicle without AC can be a sweaty and uncomfortable ride. A properly working AC keeps you and everyone else in the vehicle comfortable and cool all the way to your destination. Coggin Toyota Technicians can assess interior climate control issues and are highly trained in A/C evacuation and recharge.

Is Your Toyota's A/C Not Working Right? We Will Help You Keep Your Cool

The function of your vehicle’s air conditioner is to cool the air coming into your vehicle’s passenger compartment using three main parts: the compressor, condenser and evaporator.

Calm, Cool and Conditioned

After discussing faulty AC system symptoms with you, Coggin Toyota technicians begin the service by visually inspecting the air conditioning compressor drive belt, serpentine belt and all accessible components for cracks, leaks or damage. Then they check the operation of the air conditioning compressor. If no leaks or damage are found, they evacuate the refrigerant from the system, vacuum test it, and recharge the air conditioning system using the appropriate refrigerant according to your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.

Coggin Toyota does not recommend servicing systems with detected leaks or damage. The Coggin Toyota A/C service is designed for periodic maintenance rather than A/C repair, but rest assured Coggin Toyota can recommend the next steps to be taken to get your A/C system up and running. Early detection of leaks or damage to your vehicle A/C system can save you time and money, keeping you and everyone in your vehicle cool and worry free.

Helpful Tips

Best Practices

We recommend adding leak detection dye when recharging the A/C system to assist in finding any future refrigerant leaks.

Common Symptoms

Toyota A/C systems may require recharging if they become weak and do not perform well or if they start to make unusual noises.

Common Misdiagnoses

Adding refrigerant to a poorly functioning A/C system without first diagnosing the problem may result in overcharging. This has been known to cause damage to the A/C compressor, resulting in a very expensive (and avoidable) repair.

"Stop leak" compounds are not recommended, as they are temporary solutions and can damage A/C components, resulting in expensive repairs.

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