Is your lease ending soon or are you interested in the options you have if you do plan to lease later down the road? We have everything you need to know here! 

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Leasing is always a great option for individuals who like to live the spontaneous life of switching vehicles every few years or even just because it may possibly fit your budget. Whichever reason, leases come to an end, and unlike financing a vehicle the end may not always be the happiest, smoothest road to come by.

I am here to show you the options you have with Toyota to make your transition into a new vehicle or staying in the one you've been in for a couple years, your vehicle for forever!

Toyota has one philosophy about the lease-end experience -- Make it easy and effective! This starts with helping you easily turn in your vehicle and ends with you getting into the next Toyota that you will love. Explore our options below to see which path may be up your ally before your lease agreement comes to an end.

1. Turn in Your Vehicle and Purchase or Lease a New Toyota*
  • Wanting to settle into a new vehicle has never been easier! If you enjoyed your previous model, why not upgrade to a newer model or even try a completely different Toyota. This option gives you te gift of exploring before you fully commit to a vehicle to finance. Commitment is hard and we want to make sure you pick the right Toyota
2. Purchase the Vehicle You're Currently Driving
  • If you love what you are already in, then why change it? We give you the option to purchase the vehicle you potentially fell in love with leaving you with paying off the payoff quote that you can find by logging into your TFS online account! If you need help financing for this vehicle, head straight to your dealership for assistance to stay in your ride
3. Return Your Vehicle to Your Toyota Dealership
  • If you find yourself no longer interested in another Toyota vehicle, no worries. We have no contracts or ties to keep you in something you no longer want or like. Simply bring back your vehicle by lease-end, but before you return it -- check out See-Return Checklist here. We will be sad to see you go but understand and will be here for you if you ever decide to come back!

With multiple options, we hope this gives you freedom with how you drive! Leasing a vehicle can be a great experience and we are here to make sure your time with us at Coggin Toyota at the Avenues, is a pleasant one.

*Available on approved credit through your dealer and Toyota Financial Service. Not all applicants will qualify.
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