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I have a secret to tell you that most people won't! 

This is top secret, so only share it with EVERYONE!

Routine Maintenance Can Save You Hundreds or Even Thousands of $$$

Okay, okay... Don't tell everybody, just tell everybody! 

Just like your checkups are essential to a humans health, routine maintenance can make a big difference not only in our pockets, but through the lifespan of our precious Toyota vehicles! Many of us wait until we see, hear or feel physical problems or issues with our vehicles to take it in to a mechanic, technician, or in my case a family member who knows little to nothing about cars. But learning the hard way, small issues can be inspected an fixed in its early stages before it becomes a larger, more costly issue.

Don't be afraid of dealership service departments! Many people have the stigma that dealerships will chalk up pricing for service when it can be done in a fast time frame and for far less at a mom & pop auto shop. I am all about supporting small businesses, but know one KNOWS your Toyota or Scion, like an experienced Toyota technician. Go to the best for the best! 

Your vehicle is an investment, a large one at that and you want to make sure that it runs its best for the long haul. Coggin Toyota at the Avenues hires the top of the line Toyota technicians that knows every little detail in what makes Toyota, Toyota! With consistent service specials that are always happening, you can always schedule your oil changes, alignments, brake replacements etc... at discounted prices to save you money! 

What are you waiting for? Schedule your next routine maintenance check with Coggin Toyota at the Avenues here and view our current service specials here!
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